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      Contact Us

      For General Cafe & Product Questions, Art & Product Sales, Catering, Event Booking or Any Other Inquiries:

      Call the Cafe at (267) 457-5334

      E-mail Cafe@themonkeyandtheelephant.org

      For Fundraising, Partnership, and Media Inquiries:

      please email Anne at anne@themonkeyandtheelephant.org 

      For Volunteer, Requests for Information (Non-Profits, Student Writers):

      please email the team at info@themonkeyandtheelephant.org


      Program Participants- Are you a current or former foster youth between the ages of 18 to 25 who is looking for an opportunity to get the skills and support you need to become truly happy and independent? Please fill email us at Meghan@themonkeyandtheelephant.org to apply. This is a paid program.

      JOB OPENING- Part Time ShiftLeader/Barista/Coach - weekends required. Email your resume to Meghan@themonkeyandtheelephant.org and/or check out the posting here: https://www.indeed.com/job/baristashift-leader-part-time-bb0c4d7b7d9c77ad by 11-11-2020.